What is Subluxation?

The role of the spinal column is to protect the spinal cord and delicate nerves that exit between each of the spinal vertebra (bone of the spine).  A subluxation is present when a vertebra has lost its proper alignment to the bone above or the bone below, or both.  The result of the spinal misalignment, or subluxation, is not only a loss of movement in the spine, but also, impingement of the spinal nerve thus interfering with the transmission of information going from the brain to the organs, muscles or tissues of the body leaving it in a state of dis-ease. 

How do we get Subluxations?

Subluxations are the result of  physical, chemical or mental stresses that occur in excess of our body's ability to adapt.  

   Physical stresses are things like:  Posture, accidents, slips, falls, playing sports, workplace ergonomics, etc...

   Chemical stresses include:  Nutrition, lack of water, alcohol, tobacco, Household cleaners, etc...

   Mental stresses can be:  Financial worries, job stress, holiday stress, family worries, etc...

What do chiropractors do?

The primary objective of your chiropractor is to locate and correct spinal subluxations thus allowing the full expression of life.  Chiropractors give adjustments to accomplish this.  An adjustment is a gentle force specifically applied to one of the joints in the body that is subluxated.  A specific chiropractic adjustment is meant to restore the normal alignment and movement of the joint in order to improve function, restore health, and prevent degenerative changes, or arthritis, from occuring. 

When is the best time to see a chiropractor?

The earlier the better.  Many people still seek out chiropractic care for some symptom they maybe be experiencing.  However, once they start care and learn more about chiropractic, many of our patients continue care in order to achieve the highest level of health possible and prevent possible future ailments.

We see people from just a few days old to over 100 years old.  What ever your age may we are here to assist you in achieving your health care goals.  All we ask is you come with an open mind, your body may amaze you!

Is it ok to get adjusted if I am pregnant?

Absolutely!  In fact there is no better time to have a perfectly functioning nervous system.  Dr. Heather is Webster Technique certified and she cares for many women throughout their pregnancy.  Pregnant mothers find adjustments help their pregnancy, labor and delivery making it easier and smoother for themselves and their baby.

Why do children and babies need chiropractic care?

Research shows the brain and nervous system are in charge of every function that takes place in the human body.  The birth process itself is the first trauma we endure.  The earlier any subluxation is found and interference is removed, the better chance we have of an optimally functioning nervous system and therefore, healthier body.


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