New Patients

New experiences and offices can often times be overwhelming, especially when you don't know what to expect.  From the moment you enter our office we do our best to make you feel welcome and part of our family.

Your doctor is here to assist you in your health care journey keeping in mind your health is ultimately up to you.  Your first visit is our 'Day of Discovery'.  We will start off by exploring your health history to get a good feel for any concerns you may have. 

The examination will begin with a postural assessment.  Posture is the 'window to the spine' and is the first step in detecting spinal misalignments.  From there a chiropractic exam, consisting of palpating the spine and joints, is performed.

 In addition to the postural and chiropractic exam, we use state-of-the-art technology to detect more specifically where in the spine there is abnormal nerve function.

Thermal Scan - The first scan perform detects heat abnormalities from side to side along the spine assessing the function of the Autonomic Nerve which controls the organs and glands of your body.

Motor Scan - The second scan determines how well the Motor Nerve is working by reading the amount of current found in the muscles.  Since the muscles are controlled by your nerves any nerve disturbance will alter the output of current.

       Subluxation Station 

If the previous examinations show any areas of concern or nerve disturbance, the next step would be to take a set of x-rays. (Exceptions being pregnant women and young children)  The x-rays we take are full spine which are unique in that they allow us to see the whole spine on one film.  The x-rays show us an abnormal areas of the spine, how much damage is present and ulitmately how to specifically correct any spinal subluxations.


Please fill out the appropriate form and bring it with you on your first visit.

  • Pediatric Form is for kids under 10


Intake Form - Adult.pdf Intake Form - Adult.pdf
Size : 244.609 Kb
Type : pdf
Pediatric Intake Form.docx Pediatric Intake Form.docx
Size : 682.856 Kb
Type : docx


Following Your First Visit 

Your first visit is all about gathering the necessary information.  Your doctor will then review  your history and examination findings and put together a report of findings for you.  She will go over all the information in detail at your next visit.


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