Here Is What Some Of Our Practice Members Are Saying...

Reason for starting care:  Neck Pain

I first saw Dr. Heather because I was in pain, but I continue to go because my emotional and physical health amaze me!  I have experienced digestive regularity, pain-free exercising, occasional chest-pain is gone with adjustments and clarity of mind.  Just think, I came because my neck hurt, but I continue to go because it enhances my live more than I dreamed!! 

Katie (Age 28)

Reason for starting care:  Low Back Pain

Back pain is better.  I am sleeping much better and wake up feeling rested/refreshed instead of tired and hitting the snooze button.  My posture is better during my workout and sitting in front of the computer at work.  Chiropractic is focused on health, not just the "problem".

Amanda (Age 28)

Reason for starting care:  Neck and Shoulder Problems

I am finally sleeping all night!  For the first time in over a year, the knots in my neck and shoulder are gone.  The quality of my everyday functions has improved so very much. 

Jean (Age 55)

Reason for starting care:  Low Back Pain

It has given me movement in my joints and muscles!  It is helping me.

Female (Age 102)

Reason for starting care:  Migraines

Before starting chiropractic care, I used to get migraines 2-3 times a week!

Tony (Age 26) 

Reason for starting care:  Neck Pain and Sore Leg

I have to admit, there was doubt in my mind about the validity of chiropractic care before getting started.  Dr. Heather's professionalism and her thorough explaination of chiropractic care intrigued me enough to start.

When I started I had a sore neck from working at a computer all day and a serious car accident in 1998 caused a sore leg with frequent leg cramps.  In a very short time my neck felt great and my leg is contnually improving.  I have also noticed an increase in energy.  The healing process of chropractic care is not a quick fix; it is a gradual progression of improved health. 

Chiropractic care has made a positive impact in my life and I'm glad I followed my heart instead of my skeptical thoughts.

Chris (Age 53) 

Reason for starting care:  Back Pain

I can move more freely.  I can get out of bed withought holding onto a chair for support.  I can get up from a sitting position without pain.  I can turn to the right and left withough pain.  I have more energy.  I am on my way to healthy living!

Pat (Age 63) 

Reason for starting care:  Low Back Pain

Before I started care I had had a lot of lower back pain and trouble standing, walking and I couldn't play catch with my son without a lot of pain.  Since I started regular care I am feeling the best I have in two years.  I have more energy, I was able to coach my son's baseball team and squat behind the plate for batting practice, swing golf clubs do yard work and go to the batting cages without havingto worry about pain.  My son says "Thank You" because now his dad can play all day if need be!

Ron (Age 40)

Reason for starting care:  Low Back and Upper Back Pain

Before seeing Dr. Heather, I was limited to the length of time I was able to do household work.  I would have to stop and take a break or do it the next day.  Now I can finish any job I start.  I am able to blow dry or fix my hair without stopping.  Repetitious movements are much easier.

Mary (Age 56)  


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